Best We Forget

14 Feb

Memory, as the saying, goes.

We forget. Which is weird. But not as weird as the fact we remember anything at all.

Best We Forget created by isthisyours?  is fun and thought-provoking. In mock panel discussion style it explores memory and forgetting – with a focus on the latter.

To focus on forgetfulness is like being obsessed with death. Surely the miracle is life? It’s like being most interested in the moments when actors drop lines. “The best part was when he forgot his lines. You know, just after if he found out he’d killed his father and slept with his mother.”

So what is memory? Little unconscious representations of reality? But what is “reality”? And what can it mean to “represent” it?

Which are questions that spring to mind when I think of drama.

Memory as theatre? Theatre as memory?

We are told at the beginning of Best We Forget that tomorrow we will only remember 25% of the performance.

Or maybe it was 35%.


But I’m still thinking about the show.

Veronica Kaye

Best We Forget

Old Fitzroy Theatre   til 25 Feb

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