Brad Checks In and Summer of Blood

1 Sep

Now, why do they call them “plays”?

Could it be that they’re “play”ful?

Because they take “play” seriously?

Creation is God playing Hide and Seek with Herself. The more serious the game, the harder She is to find. And, perhaps, the less serious the game, the more She shines through.

That’s why silliness can be such a blessing.

And these two plays are a lot of fun.

Brad Checks In, written by Paula Noble and directed by Steven Tait, plays with the adult dating scene. Built on the standard sitcom conceit that adults are just big kids, this entertains with snappy dialogue and high energy performances. Chris Miller as Brad gives an endearing portrayal of a real goof.

Romance is the silliest of the serious things. And even though its comedy, this play got me thinking about gender stereotyping, and the fact that one of the greatest threats to the modern democratic project of universal equality is sexuality. (Ok, pretty heavy, I know, but I did begin this response to a couple of screwball comedies by talking about God.)

BRAD all cast 01

Summer of Blood, written by Robert Armstrong and directed by Stephen Carnell, plays with slasher films. Once again, there’s plenty of quick fire quips, and this time, a reel of film insider jokes. Carnell elicits from his actors the wonderfully appropriate larger-than-life performances that make this sort of silliness sing. Katie Shearer has a ball with the role of the ambitious starlet.

It’s a play about film.

Now, why do they call them “films”?

Could it be because they’re

(Oh, hang on. That’s not going to go anywhere.)

Veronica Kaye


Spring Comedy Double Bill

Brad Checks In and Summer of Blood

at TAP Gallery until 7 Sept

One Response to “Brad Checks In and Summer of Blood”

  1. Lighthouse Plays (@LighthousePlays) September 3, 2013 at 3:22 am #

    hmmm.. Summer of Blood, sounds very interesting! I’ve been looking some good theater plays and I will make sure that it will be conflict on my schedules. 🙂

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